Christmas In Various Cities In The USA

Husband, wife and several children, all sitting around a small table drinking juice and listening to some light music. Right next to them is a big Christmas tree decorated with various decorations and under that tree there are gifts of different sizes and colors. This is a perfect picture of the Christmas night and that is why we look forward to that day.
We all have a perfect picture of the Christmas night, and we work towards achieving it. Some prefer a club and friends, while others enjoy the comfort of their loved ones. Some also enjoy the spectacles their neighborhoods, counties, towns and other communities make to celebrate the birth of the Christ.

Towns that go all out in celebration of the Christmas

Some cities want to show that they love Christmas and they do it in the most surprising ways. They create pictures of Christmas that travel around the world and all people admire them and their faith.
People from Durango, Colorado do like their holidays. The history of the town goes back to 1880s, and it has a significant impact on the way people celebrate Thanksgiving and Christmas.

Between those two holidays, children go out in pajamas to town’s historic depot where they board the Polar Express, a train pulled by a steam locomotive. The ride passes in drinking chocolate and signing Christmas carols. At the end of the road is the “North Pole” where they visit the Santa Claus.

Newport Beach, California does it differently as they host the annual Newport Beach Christmas Boat Parade. They invite boat owners (everything from a canoe to large yachts works) to bring their boats and decorate them with Christmas lights. Over 100 boats participate in this event every year, and there are various prizes for things like best Christmas scene, best animation and so on. More than million people show up to watch this event every year due to its originality and humor that some decorations have.
Not mentioning New York in an article about cities that paint the picture of Christmas would be a sin. Events like ice skating in Rockefeller Center and the Rockettes are two very popular ways to spend Christmas in this city. The most important thing about New York is its deep connection to Christmas and the fact that everyone is eager to celebrate it. You can see various decorations all over the city, and wherever you look, you can find signs of Christmas.

Other cities that know how to celebrate Christmas

Paradise, Philadelphia is a city that lies in the center of the Pennsylvania Amish Country, and it is a home to National Christmas Center. This building is a museum dedicated to Christmas and everything it represents. The museum contains 15 exhibits that are full of Christmas items as well as scenes of birth of Christ and many other scenes. With more than ten thousand Santa’s and tens of thousands of toys, this is a place that celebrates Christmas on a whole new scale.

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